Monday, October 15, 2007

Is Everyone Excited?

I am excited!! We have several family members who have accepted their invitations to view the blog, and invites to be authors have gone out. It is coming together. My next mission is to be able to update the blog with pictures so we can see how we are all looking these days!! I can only imagine the differences everyone will see in each other. My memories of some family members are 20 years old, so I know that will be very different, as I will look different to those who remember me as well. I am so glad for this chance to reconnect as a family. This is something I missed so often, as we live around the country, and it is not so easy to get together frequently. I look forward to rekindling our relationships, and getting to know each other again!! Love, Autumn Leigh


Anonymous said...

could i get a invite to publish? i hate leaving comments;)

Autumn Leigh said...

I sent one on the 13th, but I will send you another one.

I agree, we should all be able to publish, without having to wait til someone else writes to comment. If you don't get the invite, let me know and I'll try again.

your cousin, Autumn