Saturday, October 13, 2007

From Uncle Robbie (as per email 10/12/07)

Pat (Dad),Mom does not have a computer and Dad (Steve) does but rarely checks his e-mail so I will personally call them both and invite them to the FAMILY REUNION!! I just like typing FAMILY REUNION... FAMILY REUNION... FAMILY REUNION... Also, look at the e-mail address above and PLEASE ADD those that are missing to ensure everyone is kept in the loop... Love, Rob Pat, Oahn, Mom, Dad (4) Dawn & Husband plus 1 child, spouse, 2 grandchildren (6) Tammy & Husband plus 3 children (5) Carl & Wife plus 2 children (spouses?) & 2 grandchildren? - (6-8) Pam & Husband plus 2 children (4) Nancy plus 2 children (3) Rob & Wife plus 2 children (4)

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Anonymous said...

as for my dad, im going to say it will be him and his wife paulita, possibly her two sons and one sons girlfriend and kid so thats six. as for me, i might be deployed depending on the date, but i will try to send my wife and 2 kids anyways. dont count on my brother comming. so thats possibly 4. hope thats clear makes sense in my head.