Friday, July 30, 2010

Cant believe I remembered my password for this!

Just an update, I dont know if were still using this or not. Currently im deployed down here in Grand Isle Luisiana. Dont be surprised if you dont know where that is because local's I met in New Orleans dont even know. It's a tinny island community at the southern end of the LA 1. Right in the middle of all the marshes. I'm in charge of communications between the shore, and about 200-300 boats working to clean up the oil spill. To say it's stressfull would be an understatement. Other than that and the mosquitos it's not to bad. It's catch and release fishing here now so for a town (if you can call it that) that's whole purpose is to provide some of the best fishing in the Gulf region, it's very dead. I tried to go a couple days ago but ran into a puddle of oil on the beach and kinda killed my mood. I did manage to rescue some Hermit Crab's and one large Blue Crab. I put them in the live well at one of the fish camps and there was an instant sheen on the waters surface. Hopefully the filtration system in there gets them cleaned up. Everyone is working hard down here and I have no doubt that the oil will be cleaned up completely in about a year. As long as nothing else happens. Wish me luck and I'll be back in cali soon.