Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Question for the week...

Okay, I have a new question for the family...in light of Halloween this week... What great Halloween story can you share with the rest of us? Feel free to elaborate as mych as you would like.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

the fam

well here is a picture of my family. this was taken before my daughter lillian was born so you can see my wife morgan is still pregnant, my son chase is sitting on it. i chose this photo because it was the one that was sent out with our christmas card last year and since i dont think any of you got one, here it is. merry christmas 06 from the pattersons!and this is a picture of daddy's little girl, lillian chase is almost three and lillian turns one in january.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Question of the Day...

So, I was thinking...in order for us to get to know each other better, as many of us have been disconnected over the years, I would like to pose a Question of the Day to stimulate thought and conversation and to help us all gain a little insight into each other. Anyone can pose a question, and I'll start for today. What is your favorite childhood memory? Feel free to elaborate as much or as little as you would like. Autumn

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hey guys - this is a test as I've never used a Blog before. What a wonderful way to keep in touch with EVERYONE! Speaking of, has anyone heard from Chris and Dawn? Are they in Maryland yet? Let me know! Love, Tammy (or as my Matt and Ashley's friends call me, Mama Tam Tam!)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Is Everyone Excited?

I am excited!! We have several family members who have accepted their invitations to view the blog, and invites to be authors have gone out. It is coming together. My next mission is to be able to update the blog with pictures so we can see how we are all looking these days!! I can only imagine the differences everyone will see in each other. My memories of some family members are 20 years old, so I know that will be very different, as I will look different to those who remember me as well. I am so glad for this chance to reconnect as a family. This is something I missed so often, as we live around the country, and it is not so easy to get together frequently. I look forward to rekindling our relationships, and getting to know each other again!! Love, Autumn Leigh

Saturday, October 13, 2007

From Uncle Robbie (as per email 10/12/07)

Pat (Dad),Mom does not have a computer and Dad (Steve) does but rarely checks his e-mail so I will personally call them both and invite them to the FAMILY REUNION!! I just like typing FAMILY REUNION... FAMILY REUNION... FAMILY REUNION... Also, look at the e-mail address above and PLEASE ADD those that are missing to ensure everyone is kept in the loop... Love, Rob Pat, Oahn, Mom, Dad (4) Dawn & Husband plus 1 child, spouse, 2 grandchildren (6) Tammy & Husband plus 3 children (5) Carl & Wife plus 2 children (spouses?) & 2 grandchildren? - (6-8) Pam & Husband plus 2 children (4) Nancy plus 2 children (3) Rob & Wife plus 2 children (4)

From Grandpa Pat (as per email 10/12/07)

Rob; Oanh asked me last night if I had cc'd Steve and Sandy, as they might want to come also. I told her I didn't have their addresses, but that I would ask you to contact them. GREAT MINDS WORK ON THE SAME TRACK. Also, We are of an age where little things like Where it's located are not important, just to share the moment is everything ! Time marches on.Our plan is to leave here about mid-June and drive the MH back East at no more than 300 mi a day, seeing the US that Oanh has not yet seen, which ain't too much. Arriving in Va, Maryland,Del, area about the end of June.... We can keep everyone informed on Autumn's Blog. ( I don't even know what a Blog is or how to use one, but thats why I have kids,grandkids,great grandkids.) Guess you can send out photos and stuff. Sounds like fun. It will all work out fine and we're looking forward to it. Haven't heard from Carl, so we'll see. Love ya, Pat

From Uncle Robbie (as per email 10/12/07)

Where we have it secondary to Just Having it... I also don't care... I just want to have the reunion... We have plenty of time to determine which location may be best considering we are only 2 1/2 hours away from each other anyways... I also agree that Mom and Dad (Steve) need to be included... I believe that they both would want to come and be apart of the reunion... This is a time for FAMILY and not any differences that anyone has with others from the past... The past is the past so let us focus on the PRESENT and FUTURE for all we truly have is each other... Many blessings, Rob

From Colleen (as per email 10/12/07)

This sounds like an amazing plan!! I am so excited and truly miss seeing everyone. I was 4 years old the last reunion?? My have things changed. Fourth of July weekend sounds great, however, now that I'm at the hospital its really hard for me to get major holidays off. I am going to try my best and request that week for the reunion. I hope that we can all make this happen. Just to recap on what I'm up to since maybe some of you don't know: I nailed my dream job at Childrens Hospital of the Kings Daughters (where Matt was diagnosed and treated with Leukemia) as an RN. I actually work on the Hematology/Oncology unit and work with a lot of the doctors and nurses that treated Matty. That is what I do despite the occasional cocktail, kickball games and karaoke with friends.. I hope everyone is doing well and I am so excited to see you!! Lets make this blog happen as well!! Love all, Leenie (Colleen)

From Aunt Tammy (as per email 10/12/07)

Hey guys - sounds like a wonderful idea! Count us in. We can make this happen. I do want to toss out the idea of possibly having the reunion in Va. Beach. I don't want to step on anyone's toes here, and will go with the majority vote, but here are my thoughts: Va Beach is a much bigger area beachwise, parking and things to do for all ages. It is a little more commercial than Rehoboth and Bethany. There's live entertainment at the stages (5 or 6) up and down the Oceanfront's boardwalk. Va. Beach has a huge water park and amusement area. We are also close to Williamsburg where there is Busch Gardens and Water Country USA. There's an RV park close by that Dad and Oanh could stay, or they can park the motor home in our driveway which is big enough to handle. We've got the house and condo. Plus a pool in the backyard. Bethany Beach and Rehoboth are absolutely beautiful and Kurt and I have wonderful memories of both beaches. (Kurt went to Bethany and Fenwick Island every summer growing up, and he proposed to me in Rehoboth). However, parking at the main beach area is difficult, so we need to keep that in mind. Rob also has two homes that can accommodate everyone and the neighborhood they live in has a lake and pool. Autumn, I can't believe you're turning 31. Where has the time gone! If you can get a blog going, that's a great idea. We can't wait to share ideas with everyone. One last thought guys. We really should include mom and perhaps Steve in the reunion. We can have t-shirts, and all kinds of fun things. I will be so excited if this happens. Okay, I'd best get a move on and get back to work. Take care everyone and let's make this reunion happen!!!! Love ya all! Tammy :-)

From Autumn (as per email 10/11/07)

OK!! I will do whatever it takes to be there. I know Robbie and I have talked about this a few times and it hasn’t happened (mostly because I have been broke :() But things are looking up financially, and I want to see the family!! It is crazy to think it has been 20 years since we had our last big reunion! I remember it well, I was 10 years old, and now I am turning 31 this Saturday. Ha, I look a little different, I can only imagine how different everyone else looks. Just a quick thought…I can start a blog for the family and we can all contribute and make plans. It might be easier so no emails get lost or someone is missed on copying necessary information. Autumn Leigh

From Uncle Robbie (as per email 10/11/07)

Sounds like a reunion!!!!!!!!!! Let's do it!!! How's about July 4th week/weekend here at the beach!!!! We have 2 homes that can accommodate all... Dawn & Chris will be in Maryland, Tammy & Kurt live in Va. Beach, Carl & Paulita in Tennessee, Curt & Pam are hoping to be in Delaware/Maryland, Nancy - GET ON A PLANE!!!!! All the kids & grandchildren NEED to come and meet the other cousins for the first time... Let's start saving $$$ and make it happen... We may not get this opportunity!! Much love, Rob

From Grandpa Pat to Mom(Dawn) (as per email 10/11/07)

I hope you guy's get this. If you do let me know. Chris called to let us know you are headed back to his place in Maryland, and that was great news ! But we haven't heard anything since, so was wondering how you're doin. Oanh is very excited that you have decided to do it. She will hang it up next June, and we're planning to go East for a few weeks to visit you, Rob and Tammy.... Carl should be back by then, and might be in Millington, Tenn. about the same time, so we will probably see if Paulita wants to go with us. Lots of details to work out, but it's never too early to PLAN. Just in case you don't get this until.... We love you both and hope it's a great trip ! Love, Dad

Friday, October 12, 2007

Are You Ready for a Reunion?!?!

I have created this blog to allow us all to keep up to date with the details of planning for our reunion in 2008. I am so excited to be able to create this blog and invite all of the family to be a part of it. In order to make sure we do not have random strangers on the web able to view or post to our blog, it is available by invitation only, and not listed on the public blog lists. Since I am not sure if everyone has been included in all of the emails that have been going around, I will post them add them to the blog for recording purposes. This posting will be short in order to allow me to take the time to add the other information. Autumn Leigh