Thursday, October 25, 2007

the fam

well here is a picture of my family. this was taken before my daughter lillian was born so you can see my wife morgan is still pregnant, my son chase is sitting on it. i chose this photo because it was the one that was sent out with our christmas card last year and since i dont think any of you got one, here it is. merry christmas 06 from the pattersons!and this is a picture of daddy's little girl, lillian chase is almost three and lillian turns one in january.


Tammy said...

Hi Ross - your family is absolutely beautiful. You surely look like the proud daddy. I'm so glad you're keeping up with the blog. I just wish the rest of the family would get involved. It's so much fun! Take care and let us know how you're doing.

Love ya, Aunt Tam Tam

Autumn Leigh said...

Thanks for sharing your pics. Can you give me some hints on getting pics up and posted? I have tried several time and can't get them to work. I love technology, but I figure I am doind something silly to not be able to post



nhungtpat said...

I am too stupid to figure this thing out ! It looks like a fun way communicate. I don't even know if this comment will show up.HELP ME SOMEBODY !!!!!!!

Autumn Leigh said...

Your post came through just fine! Great job. I know it is a little new for some to use a blog, but now you can brag to others that you are a blogger!!

Autumn Leigh

nhungtpat said...

Thanks Autumn ! I'm about as sharp as a cork, but with a little trying, who knows. It's fun to be able to comment,...kinda like being around the kitchen table, huh.