Saturday, October 13, 2007

From Aunt Tammy (as per email 10/12/07)

Hey guys - sounds like a wonderful idea! Count us in. We can make this happen. I do want to toss out the idea of possibly having the reunion in Va. Beach. I don't want to step on anyone's toes here, and will go with the majority vote, but here are my thoughts: Va Beach is a much bigger area beachwise, parking and things to do for all ages. It is a little more commercial than Rehoboth and Bethany. There's live entertainment at the stages (5 or 6) up and down the Oceanfront's boardwalk. Va. Beach has a huge water park and amusement area. We are also close to Williamsburg where there is Busch Gardens and Water Country USA. There's an RV park close by that Dad and Oanh could stay, or they can park the motor home in our driveway which is big enough to handle. We've got the house and condo. Plus a pool in the backyard. Bethany Beach and Rehoboth are absolutely beautiful and Kurt and I have wonderful memories of both beaches. (Kurt went to Bethany and Fenwick Island every summer growing up, and he proposed to me in Rehoboth). However, parking at the main beach area is difficult, so we need to keep that in mind. Rob also has two homes that can accommodate everyone and the neighborhood they live in has a lake and pool. Autumn, I can't believe you're turning 31. Where has the time gone! If you can get a blog going, that's a great idea. We can't wait to share ideas with everyone. One last thought guys. We really should include mom and perhaps Steve in the reunion. We can have t-shirts, and all kinds of fun things. I will be so excited if this happens. Okay, I'd best get a move on and get back to work. Take care everyone and let's make this reunion happen!!!! Love ya all! Tammy :-)

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