Saturday, October 13, 2007

From Grandpa Pat (as per email 10/12/07)

Rob; Oanh asked me last night if I had cc'd Steve and Sandy, as they might want to come also. I told her I didn't have their addresses, but that I would ask you to contact them. GREAT MINDS WORK ON THE SAME TRACK. Also, We are of an age where little things like Where it's located are not important, just to share the moment is everything ! Time marches on.Our plan is to leave here about mid-June and drive the MH back East at no more than 300 mi a day, seeing the US that Oanh has not yet seen, which ain't too much. Arriving in Va, Maryland,Del, area about the end of June.... We can keep everyone informed on Autumn's Blog. ( I don't even know what a Blog is or how to use one, but thats why I have kids,grandkids,great grandkids.) Guess you can send out photos and stuff. Sounds like fun. It will all work out fine and we're looking forward to it. Haven't heard from Carl, so we'll see. Love ya, Pat

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