Wednesday, June 11, 2008

some more good news

so morgan is pregnant agian! im having another kid, yeah! the baby is due in january just in time for transfer season. im trying to go back to san diego but right now the closest i can get is a billet on one of the new national security cutters out of alameda by san fran. i still have three months to put in my request so we'll see what opens up. also ill be in verginia at school for two weeks startring on june 30th. i dont know when the re-union was planned but if its between june 30th and july 13th i should be able to make it. im crossing my fingers. my new cell # is (dm(zero))gpp- (zero)ata. gimmie a call if you can figure the riddle out. the trick is to not over think it.

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Tammy said...

Hey Ross - that is wonderful news. I know you and Morgan are ecstatic. 3 kids is a nice size family. But anymore after that become so much more hectic and expensive. Got your message that you'll be in Virginia around July 11th. Have been very busy at work and home, but am looking forward to seeing you. Will give you a call in the next couple of days to confirm the dates, etc. Rob told me last night that Autumn and her family will be coming to Rob's for July 4th. I'll be heading up on Saturday, the 5th. We weren't sure if you could adjust your schedule to coincide with Autumn's visit. That would be fantastic if it could work out that way.

Take care and I'll be in touch.

Love, Aunt Tammy