Monday, March 24, 2008

sweet and sour

the sweet news is that the cut off list for advancements came out and i made it, i get E-5 on the 1st of APR. not so sweet news is that i didnt get to go back east like i thought. due to a family emergency i was sent home from panama. looks like i wont be able to make it out to the east coast untill mid september. thats the yang of it. i hope everyone had a great easter and i love you all, Ross

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Autumn Leigh said...


Congrats on the promotion!! That is awesome!! I am so proud of you. I am sorry to hear that you will be unable to be back east in July, though.

I am also glad you posted. I changed email addresses, and couldn't get the blog to come up on my computer. I was afraid that the blog had been closed! So, I have invited many of the authorized readers to become authors again, and hopefully we can get this thing moving along a little bit better than it started out!!

If anyone knows any new email addresses for family, please post them, or email them to me at and I will send the invite.