Saturday, December 27, 2008

my next unit.....

Is going to be as an instructor at the school for Operations Specialists in Petaluma CA. Just got my orders today and I'm scheduled to start work on the 1st of July. That means I'll probably be there about a month or so early to get settled in. We are all happy to be moving back closer to home, and in 4 years, we can try again to get even closer. Just in case you didn’t know, Petaluma is about an hour and a half North of San Fran off the 101 highway in the middle of nowhere. The base is another 25 minutes NW of that. Total drive time from Oceanside/Vista is about 8 hours. I drove it a couple times and left at 9:00pm and made it home before the sun came up. Hopefully you can all come out to visit in the next 4 years. Happy hollidays, love you! Ross

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