Thursday, November 1, 2007

Abby and Autumn

I finally got a picture to post!! This one is Abby and me being silly with piggy tales. It is about a year old. Now that I know I can get them to work right, I will add more of the rest of the family!!

Autumn Leigh


nhungtpat said...

"Bout time !!! Hope everyone will have some pics to share with us too.

Anonymous said...

very cute, i cant wait to see everyone in person.

Tammy said...

You look so cute!!!! I'll have to learn how to load pictures. This is still so new to me. Hey, who is nhungtpat?

Also, have you heard from you Mom and Chris? Have they moved to Maryland yet? I'm anxious to find out so I can plan a weekend to go visit them.

Love ya lots!

Aunt Tam Tam :-)

Autumn Leigh said...

I have not heard from my mom and Chris for a while, so I am not sure what is going on with their move.

Nhungpat is Grandpa Pat and Grandma Oanh. Oanh is her nickname. I think I remember it means "rose". Am I right Grandpa?

Tammy said...

Okay. I knew "Oanh" wasn't her real name, but had never seen her original name spelled out. I absolutely adore Oanh, and of course you too dad! I so wish we all lived closer together. I get so lonely without my family be close by. And it's so damn expensive to travel anywhere these days.

Autumn Leigh said...


I feel the exact same way. The majority of my dad's side of family is on the west coast (Washington state), and then mom's side is all over. I counted it out and I have family in 13 states!! It is crazy to think of trying to be able to see anyone on a regular basis!!

That is why I have started selling real estate (in an attempt to make enough money to travel!!)

nhungtpat said...

I'm not sure it means "Rose" or "Great Shopper."
Granpa (means Old Fart)

Autumn Leigh said...

I just did a google translation search for nhung. It says it means velvet. I think this a good nickname because Grandma Oanh is sweet and smooth!! And Oanh is supposed to mean Oriole (the bird).

nhungtpat said...

Got a call from Chris, he and your Mom are in their house in Maryland.No phone yet, and cell phones don't work well there. He had to drive to where they could get reception to call me. No problem on the trip, now they just need to get settled in. I'll let you know if they call again.